Sebastopol Volunteers Seek Projects

Jan 30, 2014

  Rebuilding Together has a long and honorable history in a number of North Bay communities. Right now, one local group is looking for projects for their work day, coming up on April 26. We have details on today’s Exchange segment.

Convenience Shop Meets Health Food Store

Dec 17, 2013
Susan Butler

One Sebastopol woman is working to make eating healthy and locally as easy as stopping at the convenience store for a bag of chips. We visit a the construction site of a local business aiming to change the way food is bought and sold in Sonoma County. Susan Butler is starting Locastore -- a micro-franchise focusing on local-only products. 

Watch a video about Susan Butler's Locastore project, or donate to the project at

Switch Electric Cars

Dec 16, 2013
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  If high school shop classes can assemble bare-bones electric cars from a kit, why not work crews anywhere? Sebastopol’s Switch Vehicles is out to accelerate the future of low cost EVs.