The Slits

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On the next Fresh Air, Viv Albertine, guitarist and lyricist for one of the first all-women British punk bands, The Slits. In her 60s now, she's been married, divorced, survived cancer, and raised her daughter.  She has a new memoir - her second. Terry Gross talks with her about what the punk aesthetic, and anger from her youth mean to her now. Join us.

This week on Ric on the Radio: Art School. They weren't exactly punks, they weren't exactly new wave. These difficult-to-classify bands drew from punk's DIY and new wave's quirkiness, along with an ear for the avant-garde, to create some of the most vibrant rock music ever made. Magazine, Romeo Void, Echo and the Bunnymen, Gang of Four, Siouxie and the Banshees, Roxy Music, Wire, Mission of Burma, Television, Joy Division, PiL, Pere Ubu, Talking Heads, The Slits, and more! Thursday, Sept. 14, 9-11pm.