Sonoma County

Updating the Library Joint Powers Authority

Dec 10, 2013
Sonoma West Times & News

  After 37 years, the body that runs Sonoma County’s Libraries is getting an update. But not all the changes are going down easily, especially how much representation the county will retain on the Library Commission.

Supervisors Weigh Responses to Lopez Shooting

Dec 4, 2013
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  Creating a Community Task Force, lapel cameras for sheriff’s deputies, and the idea of  a park in southwest Santa Rosa were all endorsed by county supervisors yesterday, in response to the Andy Lopez shooting. But community healing still is a long way off.

Wanted: Home Grown Stories

Nov 29, 2013
Beverley Dorsey McChesney, Santa Rosa.

Were you born and raised Sonoma County? A new book project, called Sonoma County Baby, wants your story. The book will gather stories of people locally born and raised, partly as a celebration of region’s history, partly as a celebration of a new hospital opening soon in Santa Rosa. 

Keeping Affordable Housing Affordable

Nov 22, 2013

Creating affordable housing can be costly and keeping it available for low-income households is tricky. But the Housing Land Trust has found a way to do both.

  The Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County was established in 2002, but Executive Director Dev Goetschius says even then, they were employing a fiscal model that had already been proven effective elsewhere.

Made Local magazine debuts

Nov 20, 2013

There are countless interesting stories within Sonoma County’s farms and food, and a glossy new publication is out to find and tell them. Made Local magazine released its first issue this week.

To read the full issue online, click here.

Sonoma County's Worst Roads?

Nov 15, 2013

  Sonoma County has a lot of miles of roads to maintain, and a big backlog of places where potholes are plentiful. Which ones are the worst?  Bruce Robinson gets an answer from Craig Harrison, co-founder of Save Our Sonoma Roads, on the Exchange today.

Living with the Affordable Care Act

Oct 10, 2013
Sonoma County Health Department

  Health care reform—officially the Affordable Care Act—is just getting started, in California and across the nation. But the effects of the new program will ripple out widely—which stimulated much of the dialog at this year's 21st annual Latino Health Forum. 

Rolling Out Sonoma Clean Power

Sep 1, 2013

  The organization and governance of Sonoma Clean Power has been finalized; now the new green electricity provider is moving into the specialized realm of buying and selling sustainably created electrons. 

Even before the specific rates have been established, Geof Syphers, Chief Sustainability Officer for Sonoma Clean Power, is confidently predicting that their pricing will hew close to what utility customers are currently paying.


Revisiting the Rules for Medical Marijuana

Jun 19, 2013

When Sonoma County supervisors unexpectedly considered sharp reductions in how much medical marijuana patients could legally possess, they re-ignited a debate that continues to simmer up and down the length of California. Bruce Robinson has an update on the issue in Sonoma County.

Employment, business optimism up for Sonoma County

Jan 28, 2013
Sonoma County Economic Development Board

Sonoma County leads the state in job growth right now, but will need to make adjustments as much of the current labor force turns toward retirement. Bruce Robinson summarizes the news from the 2013 State of the County breakfast presentations.