Sonoma Land Trust

flickr/California Department of Fish and Wildlife

It’s been over six months since Measure AA passed in the Bay Area with a two-thirds majority. The ballot measure, which will soon impose a parcel tax throughout the nine counties, is tasked with restoring wetlands and wildlife habitat. KRCB’s Tiffany Camhi brings us an update on the agency in charge of allocating restoration funds.

Find out more about the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, including when and where to attend meetings here

Exploring Sonoma County’s Varied Geology

Aug 9, 2015

From deep underground to right out in the open, Sonoma County’s geologic heritage is varied and fascinating. A special series of hikes next weekend offers close-up looks at some highlights, with explanations from a knowledgeable guide.

Another aspect of Sonoma County's recent geologic history--one that won't be featured in Melosh's transect hikes--is the mining that was active year in decades past. Evidence of that, especially for mercury, remains plentiful, but may be hazardous.

Tracking Traffic in the Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor

Jul 31, 2015
Sonoma Land Trust

The mountains that frame the Sonoma Valley are full of wildlife, from field mice to deer and coyotes. But how do they get from one side to the other? A newly released study offers some answers.   

You can read or download the full report here.