Sonoma Valley

Confirmed Evacuation Areas

Santa Rosa, CA  –  October 12, 2017 at 10:35 PM

Mandatory evacuation orders means it is unsafe to remain or re-enter that area.

Advisory evacuation means residents are under advisory and should consider readying for evacuation should the situation worsen.

Evacuation Areas

The following areas remain under mandatory evacuation orders unless otherwise indicated.

Agua Caliente Advisory Evacuations

Sonoma County Water Agency

  As local well owners, water suppliers, and other stakeholders begin to implement the state’s new groundwater management law, they’re having to find ways to make something designed for central and southern California still work locally.

A series of three local workshops on implementation of the state’s the Groundwater Management Act hav e been planned in Sonoma County. See the full schedule below.

Thursday, June 30
Sonoma Valley Workshop
6-8 p.m.
Sonoma Charter School
17202 Highway 12, Fetters Hot Springs

Planning Underway to Improve ‘The Springs’

May 20, 2016
Sonoma County PRMD

Long overlooked by the rest of Sonoma County, the south end of the Valley of the Moon is now charting a revitalized future. But the extensive community input process will eventually have to reconcile their sometimes conflicting desires.

  At the first community planning meeting, held Feb. 29, a lengthy wish list was developed for the future of the Springs area, recounts Sonoma County staff land use planner Yolanda Solano.

A New Home for Funky Fridays

Mar 10, 2016
Sonoma County Regional Parks

  Funky Fridays, a popular series of fundraising concerts in the Sonoma Valley has found a new home for the coming summer season, and it seems that everyone involved couldn’t be happier.

Hear more about the history and interior details of the Hood Mansion in this North Bay Report from October, 2006

  The upcoming fourth season of Funky Friday concerts will feature these performers.

May 27

Tracking Traffic in the Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor

Jul 31, 2015
Sonoma Land Trust

The mountains that frame the Sonoma Valley are full of wildlife, from field mice to deer and coyotes. But how do they get from one side to the other? A newly released study offers some answers.   

You can read or download the full report here.

Planning a Sonoma Valley Bicycle Trail

Sep 23, 2014

  What would it take to create a bicycle and pedestrian trail running from Santa Rosa through the Valley of the Moon to Aqua Caliente? Sonoma County Regional Parks has such a route in their master plan, and this week they’re beginning a series of public meetings to find out what people in the area would like that trail to be.

Operation Bicycle Gears Up for Christmas

Dec 9, 2013

  Operation Bicycle, at Sonoma Valley Teen Services, offers a “repair to ride” program to encourage more kids to start cycling. And they’ve got a little Christmas bonus opportunity now as well. Bruce Robinson chatted with the guy behind it all.