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The Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) Foundation has created a fire relief fund offering qualified recipients a check of up to $500. All students, faculty and employees of the SRJC who have been affected by the North Bay fires are eligible.  

Breanne Beseda, director of marketing and communications for the SRJC Foundation said that some funds had been made available as early as Oct. 10, just two days after the fires broke out.

This month on Outbeat News In Depth, Greg Miraglia talks with Prop 8 plaintiff Kris Perry and Sandy Stier about how they met and their experience being the faces and name of California’s marriage equality case that went all the way to the United States Supreme Court.  We’ll also share information about the new LGBT literature course being offered at Santa Rosa JC this fall.  

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Exhibit Highlights Disability Rights Activism

Oct 12, 2016

Almost 40 years ago, an unprecedented sit in at the Federal Building in San Francisco helped launch the nationwide disability rights movement.  A special exhibit coming to SRJC details that historic turning point.

The mid-70s were a time when political activism was gaining momentum among people with disabilities, recalls Stan Kosloski, driven in large part by a change in the way they viewed themselves.

SRJC Opens Dream Center

May 4, 2015
Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  To address the needs of a growing segment of their student population, Santa Rosa Junior College has created a new “Dream Center” to advise students on immigration issues. It was officially opened at noon on Monday.

Opening the Dream Center on the Santa Rosa Junior College campus is an important move, says SRJC's vice president of Student Services, Ricardo Navarette. But there will be others to follow.

Redistricting Urged for SRJC Trustees

Mar 24, 2015

  Santa Rosa has changed a lot since 1965, but the districts for the city’s SRJC trustees have not. A coalition of activists want to update those lines to make the areas more representative.

  Redistricting advocates are suggesting that the 3-4-5 district be divided into three smaller districts, but Robert Edmonds says it might be useful or necessary to expand the process to include the entire county.


SRJC Seeks Voter OK for Construction Bonds

Oct 15, 2014

  There are just two county-wide measures that all Sonoma County voters will decide in the current election. One is funding for libraries, the other is Measure H, a construction bond for Santa Rosa Junior College. We get details on that one in today’s segment. Here’s Bruce.

Sailing by the Stars Alone

Jun 18, 2014

  The earliest sailors on the vast Pacific Ocean found their way to and from small islands with only the stars to guide them. So how did they manage that? A special new show at the SRJC planetarium this summer holds some answers.

The new show, opening Friday night, is called Star Compass:  Polynesian Wayfinding. It runs through July 13, and you can find additional details here.

Questioning America's 'Pivot to Asia'

Feb 27, 2014

Iraq War dissident, former Army Col. Ann Wright, returns to Santa Rosa this weekend to share new concerns about the growing risks of American interventions in another part of the world.

Wright’s alarm over American policies abroad also includes a view of spreading corporate globalization as a destabilizing force.

Coordinating College Credit Transfers

Jan 24, 2014
Sonoma County Gazette

  The top leaders of California’s UC System, State Universities and Community Colleges had a rare joint meeting Wednesday, after which they announced some new cooperative measures to ease student transfers. Today on the Exchange, we hear about how that will work, and what it means for students at SRJC.

Shady Characters from Western History

Jan 20, 2014

  History is dotted with notorious characters, and often know their names and not much more about them. A six week extension class beginning tomorrow night at Santa Rosa Junior College aims to fill that gap, and we get a short preview from the instructor.

You can register online for Bruce Elliott's "Shady Characters in Western History" class  here.