Sudden Oak Death

Sudden Oak Death Bio-Blitz in Napa

Jun 9, 2016

  On today’s North Bay Report, we follow a citizen science project hunting for trees infected with "Sudden Oak Death" -- a disease that has wiped out huge swaths of California oak trees in the past 20 years. Researchers say the drought knocked back the disease but they worry that our wet winter and spring could make infection rates rise. 

Drought Slows Sudden Oak Death’s Spread

Dec 28, 2014

  The pathogen that causes Sudden Oak Death needs water to spread. So the drought has become an unexpected ally in the fight against the arboreal disease.

Find more information about Sudden Oak Death, including maps of its spread, here. The infographic below summarizes the basics of the disease.

Sudden Oak Death Continues to Spread

Mar 7, 2014

  Sudden Oak Death was first identified in Marin County just about 20 years ago. Today, scientists have a better understanding of how it works, but they don’t yet have an antidote, so the devastating botanical disease continues to spread.

Find out more about Sudden Oak Death  here.