Jobs Made Real

Mar 29, 2013

YouTube videos offer far more than casual entertainment. Corralled and curated on a new, locally developed website, they can also help teens explore career options they might never have otherwise considered.

Although the Jobs Made Real website was designed with teens in mind, Chops Teen Club Executive Director Diana Curtin says she got an unexpected demonstration of its wider demographic appeal…in her own home.

Rebooting the North Bay iHub

Mar 28, 2013

 Business incubation is about creating jobs, not just getting start-ups launched. So the North Bay iHub (Innovation Hub) is retooling itself with a redefined focus. Bruce Robinson gets the inside story from a couple of the key players.

Click the link to see the updated and redesigned website for the North Bay iHub.

Land Lines – Endangered Phone Species?

Mar 26, 2013

For generations, telephones have served as lifelines for  people in remote locations. But the rise of cell phone technology is eroding the overall availability of directly connected telephones, commonly called "land lines." So efforts are being made to protect that service for those who need it most. Mark Scheerer reports.