Tomales Bay

Tiffany Camhi

The winter storms that drenched Northern California and brought much of the state out of the drought have been a good thing for most of us. But for oyster farmers in Tomales Bay, lots of rain means lots of closures. KRCB’s Tiffany Camhi visited one oyster company to check on the health of their oysters and their business. 

Drones Over Tomales Bay

Dec 16, 2013

There were government-sponsored drones in the air over Tomales Bay last week, but they were armed only with cameras to count wintering waterfowl.

The annual waterfowl surveys—usually conducted in early January—are used, in part to set the limits for duck hunting each year. But biologist Orein Richmond of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, says the information gathered has numerous other uses as well.