Navy Signals Willingness to Protect Whales

Nov 16, 2015
Daniel Du Toit/ Wikimedia Commons

  The public comment period is now open on a move by the Navy to evaluate the harm their training exercises do to whales and dolphins. And, as Suzanne Petter reports, they have, for the first time,  indicated a possible willingness to make some changes in their procedures.

Citizen Help Sought to Reduce Ship Strikes

Dec 5, 2013
NOAA Marine Fisheries Service.

It's dangerous out there. Heavy cargo traffic poses a deadly threat to whales. Now, the government, through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association is harnessing mobile technology and citizen involvement to help protect whales from fatal ship strikes. 

NOAA and the United States Coast Guard are testing Spotter Pro, an application to collect real-time data about whale location. 

Orcas' protection is endangered, too

Jan 28, 2013
Photo: National Marine Fisheries Service

Protection for endangered orcas or "killer whales" off the Pacific Coast may be about to disappear. Lori Abbott reports.