Live Stream

I already have a player installed and I want to listen to KRCB Live:


Having trouble?

If you are trying to listen to KRCB's stream by launching any pre-existing bookmark or Player listing, it is probably out of date. If it is a Shortcut on the computer's Desktop, simply delete it. Or, if you have KRCB's stream in your iTunes or Windows Media Library already, but it is no longer working, do the following:

1. Open iTunes or Windows Media (or other MP3 player).

2. Find KRCB in your Library or "Music" list.

3. Delete it from the list.

4. Come back to this page and relaunch the stream using this link:

Connecting Directly to the KRCB Stream

If the above instructions don't work, you can connect directly to the stream using the stream URLs (below). The instructions vary across media players - iTunes, Real Player, Windows Media - but they are largely the same. Once you have gone through this simple process, you'll have KRCB listed in your media player.

1. Choose your stream from the list of URLs below. Highlight and Copy the following stream URL:

Actually, I'd like to read some instructions on how to install a player.

Supported free players:  iTunes Media Player (Both Windows and Macintosh OS X) Download a WinAmp Player WinAmp Media Player (Version 2.0) Windows 9X, 2000, ME, XP: WinAmp Apple OS X: iTunes Real Player Apple OS 8 & 9 Cabrio (use the Classic version)


1. I click on the Listen Now link and I get text in my browser or no music. Make sure that you have installed one of the suggested players from the above list and restarted your computer. You also may wish to check that you have the most recent version of your player. Simply updating your player will often solve the problem.

2. What players do you support? WinAmp, Itunes, or any player that plays the streaming mp3 format.

3. Where do I start? I'm so confused. First install one of the suggested players. After installing the player, please restart your computer and visit this page again. Then click on the "Listen Now" link. Sit back and enjoy KRCB FM public radio.