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Weekday Morning and Afternoon Radio Host


Mark Prell began his broadcast career at KRCB FM Radio 91 in 2008 as a volunteer, hosting Saturday mornings. He eventually took over as weekday Afternoon host, later taking on the duties of weekday Morning host as well. Mark continues to host the weekday Morning and Afternoon drive times, and has a lot of fun doing it. 

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• California Democratic party leaders urge restraint of supermajority power.

• In the new year: Higher sales and income tax rates and a new requirement for out-of-state businesses.

• Businesses licensed by the State can no longer hide the reasons behind lawsuits.

• California Youth May Be Leading State Away From Two Party System

• Employees are gearing up for the release of the state budget.

• New Law: 2nd Chance for Inmates Sentenced as Teenagers.



• Low-income Californians will soon be able to get free cell phone service. The state agency that regulates wireless providers has given provisional approval to the program.

• The new “open carry “ ban is a follow-up to the state’s ban on the open carry of handguns.

• AAA: Holiday Travel Up This Year

• The California legislature’s response to Connecticut school shooting beginning to take shape.

• New Law: Registered Nurses Have More Power to Dispense Birth Control

• Districts to take a new look at their security plans since Friday's mass shooting in Connecticut.

• New Law: Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance acceptable.

On 12/15/2012, Joel Thomas Theiss, 30 years old, a resident of Rohnert Park, was arrested at the Rohnert Park Budget Inn for two outstanding arrest warrants. Theiss's warrants were for violation of probation from a previous drug paraphernalia conviction and a theft / drug possession arrest where he did not show up for his scheduled court appearance.

• UC Bows to heavy criticism from students and alumi.

• New Law: Workers' Compensation Reform

• The 9th U-S Circuit Court of Appeals says California can cut Medi-Cal reimbursement rates by 10 percent.

• Walgreens pays millions for disposal violations.

• California saw a big year-over-year drop in November foreclosures, according to numbers out Thursday

• Brown's Form of Prostate Cancer has High Survival Rate

• Facebook's lower than expected share price amounted to a 626-million dollar decline in expected revenue.

• “Improper governmental activities”  reported Tuesday have cost the state more than 600-thousand dollars combined.

• Eliminating the Enterprise Zone program could save California $700 million in tax credits.

• California's flu season off to a slow start, but remains unpredictable.

Andrew Nixon / CPR

• Just one week in to the new legislative session, three California Democrats "test the waters" for adjusting Proposition 13

• New Realty-Trac Numbers Out Thursday.

• California Lawmaker Wants to Expand Roles of Health Workforce.

Jeff Hansen /

Housing market momentum could be at risk if the nation goes over the “fiscal cliff."

Two Judges offer conflicting rulings on gay therapy ban.

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  • Assembly Speaker John Pérez Welcomes the Voice of GOP Lawmakers.

• Republican Freshman Assemblyman Frank Bigelow Says He's Encouraged. /

• Parents Claim the Therapy Helped Their Teenage Sons.

• Can Final Election Results Unseat A Sworn-in Lawmaker?