Steve DeLap

On Air Personality

Steve DeLap hosts Our Roots Are Showing

Coming this next Saturday, April 18, on Our Roots are Showing, a very special visit from Celia Ramsay and Patrice Haan of the musical group Glamourie. We'll be exploring the beautiful music created by these folks as well as upcoming performances. Patrice and Celia will be in about 1:30 pm. Then at 3 pm, amazing guitarist Jim Hurst will be in to talk about his music with a tantalizing preview of his concert Saturday night at the Sebastopol Community Center.

This Saturday, December 29, marks the end of another year Folk and Acoustic music of "Our Roots are Showing.  We'll be playing some of the best of 2012, and maybe even some songs and tunes from the 60's and 70's.