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There are medical practitioners whose compassion, ethic, and curiosity lead them to serve patients and other doctors alike with verve and dedication. Michael Carlston and Rick Flinders are two physicians whose lives and experiences resulted in books that open up our understanding and appreciation of the healing arts in our own lives. 

Keystone Korner, San Francisco’s quintessential jazz club, closed its doors in the early eighties, and there’s not been a club like it since. Photographer Kathy Sloane honed her art and craft in the dim light and raw energy of Keystone Korner and brings to us her photographs of the musicians who played there along with recollections of many of the folks who were part of the scene there in her book Keystone Korner:  Portrait of a Jazz Club. Larry, who spent time in the club as well, talks with Sloane about her book and the heyday of Keystone Korner.

Larry Slater talks with Kathy Sloane on her new publication Keystone Korner.