50th Anniversary Anti-War Teach-Ins

Mar 25, 2015


Lee Swenson (left) and "Lucki" Allen (right) listen as Lisa Ling talks about her experiences inside and out of the military, as part of the Teach-in Wednesday at Sonoma State.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  American involvement in Viet Nam was gearing up 50 years ago, and programs to recall that history are likewise increasing now. At Sonoma State yesterday, that included a series of “teach-ins” that reviewed some of the opposition to that war—and the others that have followed it.

Draft resisters marching in the 1960s.

  It was a matter of conscience for many young men to submit to the draft while also opposing it, recalls activist Lee Swenson. These non-violent actions, taken voluntarily by draftees who could have used other resources to avoid conscription, gave moral weight to their stance.

The Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County was one of the sponsoring groups for the day of teach-ins and other programs. Director Susan Lamont says they are trying to provide a high-visibility counterpoint to the government's revisionist approach to recognizing the war's 50 year anniversary years.