After 'Colors,' Genevieve And Company Of Thieves 'Treasure' A Renewal

Mar 22, 2018
Originally published on March 22, 2018 11:20 am

In the run-up to SXSW 2015, the All Songs Considered team could agree on one pop jam to rule them all: Genevieve's "Colors." Sometimes billed as "Show Your Colors," the song has popped up in commercials and landed the singer at the Tiny Desk, where curmudgeonly pop skeptic Bob Boilen couldn't help but marvel at how thoroughly he'd been won over.

Last year, Genevieve reunited with her old band Company of Thieves to release another charming, to-the-rafters pop ringer called "Treasure," and it continues the singer's goodwill tour through our freshly opened hearts. Genevieve herself describes it as a song about "choosing love over fear" and "recognizing the light that love brings in times of darkness."

Now, "Treasure" has its own video, which the singer discusses with characteristic effusiveness.

"Like all of our current work, this video was made independently with the help of our fiercely talented friends, who share a hunger to make something magical," she writes via email. "The setting of the video is the once-illustrious, once-elegant Regal Theater on the south side of Chicago; it hosted some of our music heroes, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Cooke and The Jackson 5. The theater has been closed for years and is just now being restored; therefore, much like our band, it's in a state of renewal and rebuilding. So this music video captures the moment of awakening: The velvet carpets are rolling out and the candles are being lit, and there is music in the house again."

Company of Thieves' Better Together EP is out now.

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