Appreciating Beavers

Feb 21, 2013

To promote their "Bring Back the Beaver" campaign, OAEC director Brock Dolman created this California Beaver Flag.
Credit Occidental Arts & Ecology Center

Every schoolchild learns that beavers gnaw down trees, build dams, and keep… busy. Less widely known is just how useful all that activity can be. On today’s North Bay Report, Bruce Robinson takes a closer look.

For a close-up look at beavers in action, restoring a winter storm-damaged home, see the video at the bottom of this page.

Kate Lundquist's presentation, Partnering With Beaver to Restore Our Watersheds and Recover Salmon, begins at 1:30 on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 24. Find further details here. She also notes that their  status as a  non-native species in California remains based on a flawed report that is now more than 70 years old.