Bad News, Good Energy at Health Care Town Hall

Mar 13, 2017

A fired up crowd eager to defend the Affordable Care Act filled the Marin Civic Center, to hear a panel led by Congressman Jared Huffman detail the problems they foresee in the new, Republican-sponsored alternative.

While much of the testimony focused on the anticipated harms that would befall the North Bay should the Affordable Care Act be replaced with “TrumpCare,” Marin County Director of Health and Human Services Grant Colfax also noted that the Republican alternative would also slash funding for health care at the national level.

During the Q & A session that followed the speakers’ prepared remarks, Huffman was asked about his own health coverage as a member of Congress. He called the reports that he and his colleagues enjoyed a “gold-plated” plan with exceptionally good benefits a case of “alternative facts.”

Rhett Krawitt

The most unexpected testimony at the meeting came from a composed and articulate boy named Rhett Krawitt, who stood on a chair behind the podium to reach the microphone and tell his story.

Laura Holmes Haddad

Also detailing her personal experience with cancer was Laura Holmes Haddad, author of the book, This Is Cancer, which was published last fall. She told the crowd she was 37 with two children, including a 9 month old, when she was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer in November 2012.