Ben & Charlie "No Mercy in This Land" - CD of the Week

Apr 6, 2018

Ben Harper and our friend and neighbor Charlie Musselwhite have teamed up again for another stellar collection of blues "No Mercy in This Land".  Their last collaboration, 2013's "Get Up!" won a Grammy for best contemporary blues album.  Charlie and Ben continue to mine the deep legacy of American music.

They share a mutual respect for each other, as well as for the music that has led them to the present.

"Charlie is that very rare and hallowed place where blues past, present and future collide', says Harper. "He is a living legend whose harmonica playing should be beamed into outer space to search for other life forms."

Charlie says of Ben: "It is safe to say that Ben has reinvented the blues in a great way: playing modern while preserving the feel."

Hear "No Mercy in This Land" on KRCB-FM Radio 91.