Bottlenose Dolphins Now Frequenting the North Coast

Jan 6, 2017

Bottlenose dolphins have become a more frequent sight in San Francisco Bay over the past decade and a half.
Credit Bill Keener

Bottlenose dolphins have become increasingly frequent visitors along the north coast, as their range and numbers appear to be expanding.

Dolphin and human, enjoying the surf together at Marin County's Rodeo Beach in September 2015.
Credit Bill Keener

The first bottlenose dolphin was spotted in San Francisco Bay more than 15 years ago, but Bill Keener of Golden Gate Cetacean Research it took them some time to begin venturing farther northward.

If you happen to see any dolphins along the north coast, the Golden Gate Cetacean Researchers would like to hear about it, and you can report sightings to them here.  Jackie Sones also tracks dolphins and many other forms of coastal wildlife on her blog, The Natural History of Bodega Bay