Car Sharing Gains Traction

Jun 21, 2013

The typical American car is driven two hours a day or less, a big investment for relatively little use. Now, social media is helping to facilitate short-term “personal vehicle sharing,” to benefit the owners of those under-used cars—and drivers who don’t own cars.

A quick check of the Getaround website (which requires registering with them) shows 11 cars currently listed to share in Santa Rosa, six in Rohenrt Park, but none yet in Sebastopol. Jenny Bard, one of those Santa Rosa owners, shares more about her experiences with the whole endeavor.

  One indication of the growing use of this form of car sharing, suggests Susan Shaheen of UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center, is the increased attention and resistance it is beginning to get from other, more traditional players in the transportation sector.

The above image  is part of a larger and more comprehensive interactive infographic about car sharing. You can see the whole thing here.