Cellist Zuill Bailey, The Borealis String Quartet, & Cinnabar's Newest on Curtain Call, Sun. at 10am

Mar 25, 2016

Zuill Bailey

  Tune in for Curtain Call, Sunday morning at 10, when your host, Charles Sepos, chats first with noted cellist Zuill Bailey. They talk about his musical life and his performance of Britten’s “Cello Symphony” with Santa Rosa Symphony, April 2nd through 4th at Weill Hall. Next, Director Sheri Lee Miller and Artistic Director Elly Lichenstein talk about Donald Margulies "Time Stands Still,” April 1st through 17th at Cinnabar Theater. Finally, Violinist Yuel Yawney talks about Borealis String Quartet and their March 30th Brave New Music performance at Paul Mahder Gallery in Healdsburg. That’s Curtain Call, with Charles Sepos, Sunday morning at 10, here on KRCB.