Cotati Celebrates 50 Years as a City

Jul 11, 2013

Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

A few months after Rohnert Park observed its 50th anniversary, the City of Cotati is about to do the same. But the smaller city actually has a much longer and more intriguing history.

Accordionist Jim Boggio plays on--in bronzed perpetuity--at Cotati's Plaza Park.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  It’s no accident that people have lived in what is now Cotati for centuries, says Pru Draper, the city’s unofficial historian. It’s well positioned for human habitation, then and now.

Cotati’s 50th birthday celebration will be an all-day affair on Saturday, July 13. You’ll find a full schedule of events here. Among the highlights is Draper’s Cotati History Hunt, which traces the background of more than two dozen commercial buildings, most of them concentrated around the town’s central Plaza Park.