County’s Pot Tax Measure Draws Criticism

Feb 25, 2017

Sonoma County is grappling with the many complexities of legalizing cannabis, bringing a fast-growing, largely free-wheeling industry under governmental control. Opponents of Measure A, which would tax cannabis businesses here, fear it will cripple the small-scale operations it is out to regulate.

Sonoma County Republicans have officially opposed measure A. The Sonoma County Taxpayers Association took no position, but their Executive Director, Dan Drummond, says he personally is inclined to favor it, despite some misgivings.

Tamarya Hulme holds one of her Canna Care salves. She's worried that new taxes on cultivation as well as the production, distribution and sales of her products will force her out of business.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

Speaking for the Sonoma County Growers Alliance, Felipe Recalde worries that the Board of Supervisors relied on estimates from the black market cannabis economy in drafting measure A. But in the wake of the legalizing vote on Proposition 64, he says many in that underground market are now cashing out, further driving prices down for permitted growers and related businesses.

The County has prepared a 2-page -"Cannabis Tax Fact Sheet, which can be downloaded here. The Measure A opponents' rebuttal page is apparently not posted online, but can be seen below.