First-day Riders Delight in SMART Preview

Jun 29, 2017

Madison looks out at SMART's Marin Civic Center station during her long-awaited first ride on the commuter train.
Credit Steve Mencher, KRCB

It’s been a long wait for the SMART Train to start rolling through Sonoma and Marin Counties, and while the official launch of the commuter service is still pending, there was a large and enthusiastic turnout for the first day of free preview rides yesterday.

Sleepy first-time railroad rider Tatiana with parents Kalila Nosker and Sean Hogue at the Rohnert Park SMART station.
Credit Steve Mencher, KRCB

There was a wide span of ages aboard the SMART Train preview ride that KRCB joined, from seniors who remembered regular rail service many years ago to an infant, who made the trip easier for her parents, Kalila Nosker and Sean Hogue, by sleeping through a good bit of it.

There will additional free preview rides Saturday and Tuesday, taking riders to the Marin County Fair both days. You can find details about those trips here.