The Future of Editorial Cartooning

Oct 7, 2014

Political cartoonists Mark Fiore (left) and Jen Sorensen will participate in a panel discussion of their profession and its future this weekend at the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa.

  As newspapers struggle to survive and prosper in the digital age, what will become of their specialized contributors, such as editorial cartoonists? They’re hustling to adapt to the new media landscape, as we hear on today’s North Bay Report. 

Mark Fiore and Jen Sorenson will be part of a panel discussing “Editorial Cartooning Today” at the Charles Schulz Museum on Sunday. Find details here.

See samples of Jen Sorensene's work here.

See samples of Mark Fiore's work here.

Fiore was profiled on the PBS Newshour when he won his Pulitzer Prize four years ago. See that report below.