Grey Wolves Begin to Reappear in California

Aug 24, 2015

A rare--and distant--image of the wolf called OR& during his travels in Northern California. He has more recently been renamed "Journey," through a contest held for Oregon school children.
Credit CDFW

  Hunted to near-extinction, grey wolves are an endangered species that is beginning to rebound. Recent sightings and a new documentary are re-igniting interest in this apex predator which has been absent from California for nearly a century.

  Grey wolves are present throughout most of the northern Hemisphere, and for many years roamed widely in the highlands of what is now California. That’s known, says Amaroq Weiss of the Center for Biological Diversity, not just through the many journals and letters of early settlers, explorers and miners, but from the languages of Native American tribes up and down the state.

The Sonoma Land Trust is hosting two screenings of Clemens Schenk's film about OR7 this week in Santa Rosa. Both have sold out in advance, but you watch the trailer for the documentary below.