Hear American Blues Guitarist and Singer CeDell Davis on Beale Street Caravan, Tuesday at 11pm

Aug 14, 2015

Last Man Standing, CeDell Davis's brand new record, is aptly titled. The 89 year old may be the very last of a generation of itinerant musicians who once traveled the Memphis and Delta region playing blues in juke joints and on street corners. Davis is most notable for his distinctive style of guitar playing. Davis plays guitar using a table knife in his fretting hand in a manner similar to slide guitar. He uses this style out of necessity. When he was 10, he suffered from severe polio which left him little control over his left hand and restricted use of his right. He had been playing guitar prior to his polio and decided to continue in spite of his handicap and developed his knife method as the only way he could come up with of still playing guitar.

Hear American Blues guitarist and singer CeDell Davis on Beale Street Caravan on Tuesday night at 11 pm.