An Insider’s View of the CIA—Then and Now

Sep 22, 2014

Ray McGovern
Credit (c) Robert Shetterly/Americans Who Tell The Truth

A veteran CIA analyst says political agendas have corrupted his old office, driving whistle blowers like Edward Snowden to act outside of official channels in order to deliver truth to the public. 

  As a private citizen, Ray McGovern says he is still able to keep up on international and domestic events in much the same way he did while working at the CIA.

The rapid rise to prominence of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) has, in some quarters, been called a failure of US intelligence gathering.  McGovern doesn’t see it that way.

McGovern speaks on “Human Rights and the National Security State” at 7 pm on Wednesday night, Sept, 24 night at the Glaser Center in Santa Rosa. The event is hosted by Project Censored.