Jeju Island

Oct 23, 2013

 One of Santa Rosa’s Sister Cities is actually an island, where construction of a big new naval base has drawn persistent protests.

Nicholas Sismil, pictured with Korean activist and Catholic priest, Father Mun. Mun also appears in The Ghosts of Jeju film,
Credit Nicholas Sismil

While the protests outside the Jeju Island naval base persist, filmmaker Regis Tremblay holds scant hope they will change anything, especially as the South Korean government cracks down on the dissenters.


But Nicholas Sismil, the local man sent to observe the demonstrations for three months last summer, says the displacement and other effects the base is having on the local population there are legitimate concerns that are not being addressed.

There will be a free showing of The Ghosts of Jeju, on Monday, Oct. 28 at 6 pm in Shuhaw Room 1786 on the Santa Rosa Junior College Campus.  Filmmaker  Regis Tremblay will be present to lead a discussion and answer questions afterward. Watch the trailer for the film below.  (Caution: includes violent images).