Keeping Fiction Stranger Than Reality

Sep 8, 2016

  Carl Hiaasen’s latest novel mocks reality TV, restaurant inspection standards, product liability lawyers, and beach restoration opportunists. But he insists that it’s all rooted in the skewed reality of contemporary south Florida.

Carl Hiaasen’s writings also include several books for younger readers, the most recent one being, Skink. He recalls being surprised when it was suggested that he pitch something to that audience, but with a little key guidance, he found a second niche.

Carl Hiaasen

  Only rarely do the larger-than-life characters that Hiassen invents make repeat appearances in his subsequent books. But he made an exception for one of the protagonists from his previous novel, Bad Monkey.

Carl Hiaasen will talk about writing and his latest book at the downtown Santa Rosa Library Saturday night at 7 pm. The event is free, but proceeds from book sales will benefit the Library.