Life in Mexican California

Feb 25, 2014

Between the missions and the ranchos, northern California was a male-dominated realm in the 1870s. But it is from the accounts of a handful of women there that we get an inside picture of what day-to-day life then was really like.

We have these detailed accounts of life in early northern California thanks to the vision of a single man, says Santa Clara University History professor Robert Senkewicz. Fortunately, his vision was unusually inclusive for its time.

Professors Robert Senkewicz and Rose Marie Bebee

 When Senkewicz and his wife and colleague, Spanish professor Rose Marie Beebe, speak at the Sonoma County Museum on Feb. 27, they will focus on the stories of three of the 13 women interviewed by the Bancroft scribes. One in particular, says Beebe, has a dramatic and somewhat contrarian view of Sonoma’s Bear Flag revolution.