The Making of 'Rebels With a Cause'

Mar 15, 2013

Credit Kelly-Yamamoto films

The thousands of acres of open space and shoreline now protected and accessible to the public might not be there but for the efforts of a handful of visionary conservationists just few generations ago. A new documentary by a couple of North Bay film-makers  tells their story. Bruce Robinson has theirs.

See below for upcoming screening dates, and a map showing the footprint of the proposed Marincello development.

Most of the events covered in Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto's new documentary, Rebels with a Cause, were thoroughly reported when they occurred, in the 1950s, '60s and early '70s. Consequently, Yamamoto says, they had mountains of archival material to sort through.

This map shows the 100 square mile area to have been occupied by the planned Marincello development.

Rebels With A Cause was shown twice in Rohnert Park last weekend, and has several other screenings scheduled around the bay in the coming weeks. Here is a partial listing:

Saturday, March 16, 3 PM, Geography of Hope Conference, Point Reyes Station, CA

Sunday, March 24, 1 PM Sebastopol (CA) Documentary Film Festival, Rialto Cinemas

April 4, 5, 6 at the Cleveland International Film Festival

The full list is here.