Martin Lee's "Smoke Signals"

Sep 3, 2013

  The recreational use of marijuana goes back thousands of years, around the world, and medicinal uses of the cannabis plant are just about as ancient. It’s all documented in, Smoke Signals, a new book by another local Sonoma County writer.

Martin Lee, now a Healdsburg resident, arrived in California in 1996, just as Proposition 215 authorized the use and sale of medical marijuana in the state. He says the impetus for Smoke Signals—and the years of research that went into it—was his observation of the uneven enforcement of that law in differing parts of the Golden State.

A succession of political agendas has perpetuated the Prohibition of marijuana from the 1930s through the decades up to the present, Lee says, and continue to obstruct contemporary efforts to decriminalize or legalize cannabis.