Midnight in Mexico

Jun 7, 2013

Alfredo Corchado

It’s not easy being a reporter in a sometimes lawless land with a limited history of a free press. But that’s what Alfredo Corchado has done, as he recounts in his first book, Midnight in Mexico: A Reporter’s Journey Through a Country’s Descent into Darkness.

  Corchado explains that he chose the title of his book carefully, to imply a glimmer of optimism through the darkness of the events he recounts.


As he travels around the United States speaking about his book and his experiences, Corchado says he is often asked if it is safe for Americans to visit Mexico. His answer:  Yes, mostly.

Alfredo Corchado will talk about Midnight in Mexico at Copperfield's Books in Sebastopol on Monday, June 10 at 7 pm.