Napa County Looks to Revitalize Lake Berryessa Tourism Through Federal Partnership

Jul 5, 2017

Lake Berryessa was once a popular destination for boaters, fishermen and families looking for a day of fun at the lake. It brought in millions of annual visitors. Now it attracts just a fraction of that. In part because several of its resorts were demolished or severely downsized in 2009 by the Bureau of Reclamation. But as KRCB’s Tiffany Camhi reports, a proposal for Napa County to take over resort management could bring tourists and revitalization back to the lake.

Lake Berryessa Chamber of Commerce President Peter Kilkus says the move to have Napa County take over concessions at the lake could revitalize the area.
Credit Tiffany Camhi

Lake Berryessa still has two resorts operating at full capacity: Markley Cove Marina and Pleasure Cove Marina. These two resorts have extended contracts with the Bureau of Reclamation and currently would not be a part of the proposed deal with the county. Chad Frazier, operations manager at Markley Cove, says he would be supportive of Napa coming in as long as the terms are fair for all resorts at the lake.

Park manager at Steele Canyon Recreation Area Amber Walters, one of the five resorts that could be taken over by Napa, also says she's supportive. But what Walters doesn't want to see is an amusement park visitation levels at the lake.