Out on the Police Beat

Dec 21, 2016

Credit OutToProtect.org

  Police and Sherriff’s departments in California and beyond have long included gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender officers. But now those individuals are increasingly willing and able to let their presence be known, some with the help of a local writer and instructor.

Greg Miraglia, on the beat in his criminal justice classroom at Napa Valley Community College.

  Since it was first published in 2007, Greg Miraglia’s Coming Out from Behind the Badge has been used in a handful of police training classes, and it was feedback from some of those students, the author says, that prompted him to revise and expand the book into a newly released second edition.

Miraglia’s books have both chronicled and perhaps encouraged GLTB officers to become more visible and forthright. But, he says, their presence, even among local law enforcement agencies, is not really something new.

Greg Miraglia is currently the Dean of Criminal Justice Training at Napa Valley Community College, as well as the host of Outbeat News on KRCB-FM. Coming Out from Behind the Badge at Copperfield books in Santa Rosa Saturday evening, March 26 at 7 pm. See event details here.