Outbeat Radio News for Monday, March 19, 2018

Mar 19, 2018

The students used the hashtag #StandWithJake to share their messages of support for Jake Bain, who is a senior at John Burroughs School.
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• After threats of protest by the anti-LGBT Westboro Baptist Church, students at Missouri’s John Burroughs Prep school rallied around a fellow students and football start who came out as gay last fall and staged a counter protest. 

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• A federal court in Maryland ruled that schools must allow access to restrooms and locker rooms for transgender students based on their gender identity and that failure to do so violates Title IX and the Equal Protection Clause. 

Meghan Benson, an educator with Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, with some props she uses to teach teenagers and parents how to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
Credit Craig Schreiner / State Journal

• New HIV and other sexually transmitted infections are rising at an alarm rate in high school age students in Milwaukee - could this be due to their “abstinence only” sex education curriculum?

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