"Pink Floyd: The Early Years 1965-1972" - This week on Ric on the Radio

Jul 10, 2017

Pink Floyd: The Early Years 1965-1972
Credit WMG

This week, Ric has a real treat lined up for you: we will be exploring the expansive box set, "Pink Floyd: the Early Years 1965 to 1972". Released in 2016, this box set contains over 20 cds and dvds. We will hear highlights and historically important selections, including pre-Floyd recordings (when the band were known as The Tea Set), previously unreleased live selections from Stockholm, Amsterdam and BBC Radio, excerpts from their infamous John Latham suite (recorded in 1967 for avant-garde artist John Latham, who ultimately rejected the piece), a couple previously unreleased Syd Barrett gems, songs from the newly remastered "Obscured By Clouds”, outtakes from "More" and "Zabriskie Point", and much more! Please join us for this special broadcast of Ric on the Radio. Thursday, July 13, 9-11pm.  

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