Project Censored in 2016

Nov 9, 2015

  “Media Freedom on the Line” is the subtitle for the annual volume of media analysis and under-covered news stories from Project Censored. Today's report looks at the latest work from the media watchdog group.

Mickey Huff

  In addition to the latest Top 25 list, each Project Censored book includes a “déjà vu” chapter that revisits stories from prior years. Leading that chapter in the new Censored 2016 is an update on last year’s #9 story on American news coverage of the unrest in Ukraine. There, says Mickey Huff, the news is that little has changed.

Occasionally, a story that Project Censored has identified as being overlooked will break through in the mainstream media, in the interval between when the manuscript is completed and submitted, and the date their annual book is published.  But those infrequent occurrences, says Huff, are a good thing.