Protecting Livestock from Predators

Dec 1, 2015

Coyotes are a widespread and adaptable predator, now increasingly present in California's urban areas, too.

The age-old conflict between livestock and predatory wildlife is the focus of two days of public workshops in Hopland that began Tuesday. For ranchers, it can be a costly issue that resists consistent and simple solutions.

In recent months, California's severe drought has increased the number and visibility of apex predators in and around human populations where they are not usually found, observes Pamela Flick from Defenders of Wildlife.

   "A Community Conversation to discuss options for Living with Wildife and Managing Working Landscapes" was the title for the second day of the Hopland workshops. Marc Kenyon from CDFW's Wildlife Investigations Lab, says that after presenting there on Tuesday, he's looking forward to hearing back from the livestock owners and managers.