Rebuilding Coffey Park: Some Choose to Stay, But Others Need to Make a Different Choice

Feb 1, 2018

Soon after the fires the phrase "Coffey Strong" began popping up all over the neighborhood on signs.
Credit Diane Askew

Coffey Park was the subject of a recent edition of KQED’s Forum program with Michael Krasny.  KRCB News Director Steve Mencher has some excerpts from the discussion…

Among the guests – Jeff Okrepkie, chair of the neighborhood group Coffey Strong, Robert Digitale, a reporter for the Press Democrat and David Guhin, Director of Planning and Economic Development for the City of Santa Rosa.  

As debris clearing ends and a new phase of rebuilding begins, Digitale was asked what we know, and don’t, about who’s coming back to Coffey Park. 

More information about rebuilding, including important links to city and county services, can be found at Special thanks to KQED for sharing this material with our listeners.