Rodney Crowell "Acoustic Classics" CD of the Week

Jul 13, 2018

An artist with a legacy like Rodney Crowell's doesn't need to revisit old songs in an "unplugged" setting. That's not what "Acoustic Classics" is at all. He's been honing his craft for over forty years, and this collection of tunes are recorded in a bare bones production style, unlike some of his biggest hits from the 80's and 90's, putting his voice and lyrical brilliance smack dap up front.

Songs like "Leaving Louisana in the Broad Daylight," recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys in 1979, are right at home with later Crowell- penned tunes, like "Making Memories of Us", a hit for Keith Urban in 2004.

Rodney Crowell is an Americana treasure, "Acoustic Classics" proves it.

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