Roland Presents Something Completely Advice or Maybe Lies – Friday at 8 pm

Apr 11, 2019

Advice... or... lies. Sometimes it's very difficult to tell the difference. Or maybe...most of the time. Let's look at some of the songs that have been picked for Friday, April 12.

Quickly we turn to All You Need Is Love by the Beatles. Is that really true? Difficult to say. On the one hand, though everything seems to be O.K. when there's love in your life, I can remember a number of times when the presence or absence of a mere few dollars made a big difference. But then, if the dollars come along, and that loved one vanishes out the door, what's life like? See what I mean?

On the other hand, look back many years and you'll see a very famous admonition, voiced by the Mills Brothers not far from the dawn of time, You Always Hurt the One You Love. True? or Untrue? One side may say that, if there's not love, there's not a person to whom you've granted the power of causing pain. The other may argue about the loved one who causes you pain and, in an instant, that love vanishes. Maybe the song should be changed to You Always Hurt the One You Love, at Least for a Moment or Two. I don't know. That one doesn't sound like a major hit.

So... either an outright lie or the soul of truth. Up to you to decide. And, if you find the truth, let me know...O.K.?