Roland Presents Something Completely Green – Friday at 8 pm

Nov 15, 2018

Credit Wikimedia commons

Having done an entire music show based on elections and politics, what's the logical next step? That's easy...wealth and money, and you may be quite surprised at the amount of songs about filthy lucre you can come up with, given a single cursory look through the old CD library.

Small amounts of money? Easy! Listen to Pennies from Heaven by Billie Holiday, Emmylou Harris's Old Five and Dimers Like Me, as well as Bing Crosby (of course) with Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?, the International Anthem of the Great Depression, Etta Baker's One-Dime Blues and I may even try to work in, despite it's extreme length, Loan Me a Dime by Boz Scaggs.

Want to go beyond pocket change? No problem! Emmylou will also render a real favorite, Queen of the Silver Dollars, Odetta will have great fun with Rich Man Blues, and hopefully we'll have time for the fabulous piano of Marian McPartland playing Easy Money, from the Benny Carter songbook.

Quickly jumping ahead to Friday, November 23rd, I'll tell you a little about our major Thanksgiving celebration. No, not Something Completely Turkey-like. This will be a three-show cosmic music extravaganza, Friday the 23rd, Friday the 30th and, skipping Friday, December 7th (the 77th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the start of World War II,) an extreme special, entitled "December 7th?! Oh, Oh!." Then, in the event that you hadn't bothered to be born before the start of that war, you can enjoy (if that's the correct word) the strange music and lyrics it spawned. In case you were afraid to be afraid, be very afraid, for the Hallowe'en show, now's your chance! As far as the three Thanksgiving shows go, they'll be thanks, on my part, for a group of my favorite songs. I think you'll like them (most of them, anyway). Then Part 3 of the Thanksgiving extravaganza on Friday, December 14th. Those three shows will be called "Thanks, Music Makers!" In case you're confused by all this, the best thing to do is tune your radio in to KRCB ALL the time, and be sure you don't miss a thing.