Roland Presents Something Completely Partay-y-y-y – Friday at 8 pm

Dec 27, 2018

Credit Chris Stone / via Wikimedia Commons

Believe me, I tried to get the Universe to celebrate this planet's New Year's Eve on Friday, but I couldn't find the telephone number of the Universe, so I had to settle for three days late. But maybe it's for the best. By now, you're all completely recovered from the Official New Year's Eve, so we can all have another party (or, as we're calling it here, Partay-y-y-y). So, kick back, get loose, and enjoy...

The Grateful Dead (Cosmic Charlie, Truckin', Uncle John's Band, etc.)

Van Morrison (Carrickfergus, Celtic New Year, Wild Night, etc.)

John Fahey (In Christ There Is No East or West, Sun Gonna Shine in My Back Door Someday Blues, Steve Talbot on the Keddie Wye, etc.)

Sly & The Family Stone (Dance to the Music, I Want to Take You Higher, I Get High on You, etc. )

And, of course, more etceteras.

And congratulations to all of you for having made it through yet another holiday season. And just think...I'll be another year older in just a few more weeks. Strange how that works. You're X years old until some date or other on the calendar, and then, suddenly, with virtually no warning, you're X + 1 years old. I wonder who started that.