Roland Presents Something Completely Remembered - Friday at 8 pm

Sep 20, 2018

Lhasa de Sela

Awaking one morning from a troubled sleep, I found that I had changed in my bed to some monstrous kind of person who puts musical shows together to play on the radio. Yeah, I know...way too much like Franz Kafka, but he doesn't get much notice these days, and someone has to have those disturbing dreams and try to write about them.

So, as I've noted above, I'm almost completely positive that, sometime last year, I put a show together that featured three of America's most unusual singers: Lucinda Williams, Marianne Faithfull and Ute Lemper. I decided to check my files to make sure, but then realized that I don't have any files to check, nor do I have copies of all 20 years-plus of Something Completely Different shows. Just slipped my mind, I guess. But, hey, I thought, there's nothing to prevent me from doing another show with the same performers. After all, the show won't come out the same because, like lightning, radio programming doesn't strike twice in the same place (or something like that), and there's no way I could come up with the same songs without my files (non-existant).

But, I considered, why not add another performer to the three mentioned above? I'm sure (well, pretty sure), that last year's show had only the three. So I chose Lhasa (full name: Lhasa de Sela) as a fourth. She recorded only three albums before she left us early this century, many of the songs, particularly in the first one, La Llorona, in Spanish. The other two are titled The Living Road and Lhasa. They didn't create much of a stir when they came out, and I've been thinking for years that there's real danger of Lhasa being forgotten. Once you hear selections from those three CDs Friday night, I think you'll want to add them to your music; I hope they're still easily available.

The other three are easy to find (aren't they?), and you'll hear Lucinda sing Sweet Old World and Am I Too Blue, Marianne will bring us As Tears Go By (you can reminisce about her and Mick) and The Ballad of Lucy Jordan and, from Ute, Bilbao Song and Speak Low...among others, of course. Four absolutely incredible performers, eminently playable for any and all occasions and fine entertainment for fans of all ages.

Now...all I have to do is find four male equivalents of these female songsters, and the circle will be complete. Of course, most likely I still won't have any files, and next year I'll be looking for a fifth to add to the quartet. Even though I haven't had a drink in years.