SAFETY MESSAGE: Returning home after a wildfire :SAFETY MESSAGE

Oct 18, 2017


SAFETY MESSAGE: Returning home after a wildfire
Please note: This is not an evacuation lift - this is a *SAFETY MESSAGE*  

The public is reminded to stay vigilant on current fire conditions while returning home after the fire. To ensure your safety and the safety of first responders, please:  

  • Adhere to road closures and any evacuation warnings.  
  • Watch for trees and poles with deep charring, particularly if still smoking, as they should be considered hazardous.  
  • Drive slowly, don't text and drive and yield to emergency personnel in the area.  
  • Evaluate damage, be aware that hazardous conditions may exist, particularly if a residence or out-building has burned. Hazards may include asbestos, heavy metals, by-products of plastic combustion and various other chemicals.  
  • Check for embers in the attic, which may have entered through vents.  
  • Anticipate firefighters and other heavy equipment working throughout the fire area.  
  • Call 911 if you don’t feel safe or see an emergency  

To learn more about preparing for wildfires, visit

Gas Restoration  

Pacific Gas and Electric will be working throughout the fire area. Customers are reminded:  

  • Once PG&E crews have been given permission to enter an area they will begin assessments of gas infrastructure. Assessments may begin immediately and typically occur within 24 hours of gaining access, or sooner.  
  • Because gas service was turned off to customers, any air present in the pipeline system is purged to ensure that natural gas is safely delivered to every structure. The purging process requires a site visit by a gas technician to access the gas meter.  
  • We understand the urgency in relighting. As your safety is our top priority, we ask that you please not attempt to relight pilot lights yourself. For your safety, let PG&E do this for you. We pressure test and safety check the gas system several CAL FIRE NEWS RELEASE California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection times. Individual attempts at relighting result in a delay for all customers who are out of service.  
  • If you have already relighted your own gas service, please call 1-800-743-5000 so that we can provide a safety check. To find estimated times of gas restorations, please go to and click on the section on wildfire response.  

Electric Restoration  

If you see electrical wires on the ground, stay clear and contact PG&E immediately. Prior to safely re-energizing homes and businesses, PG&E will inspect adjacent facilities and ensure locations are safe to receive power. Customers are reminded:  

  • Where safe to do so and access is allowed, restoring service will typically take 48- 72 hours or sooner, depending on the extent of damage and complexity of the work.  
  • If you have a generator, please inform PG&E and do not use it unless it is installed safely and properly. Otherwise, you risk damaging your property and endangering yourself and PG&E line workers who may be working on nearby power lines. To learn more please visit  
  • Treat all downed power lines as if they are energized and extremely dangerous. Keep yourself and others away from them. Call 911, and then notify PG&E at 1- 800-743-5002.