SAY, Supporters Getting Ready for ‘One Cold Night’

Oct 29, 2016

Social Advocates for Youth’s new Dream Center in northeast Santa Rosa opened its doors last spring, and saw its available beds for homeless youth filled immediately. Now they are staging an unusual pubic event to call attention to the needs they are working to serve.

For the volunteers who will “sleep rough” for a night, and everyone they talk with about it, the One Cold Night event is intended to offer some insight into what it means to be homeless, explains SAY’s Cat Cvengros. But it’s not a simulation.

Once he signed on to be part of the overnight experience, TigerKick founder Scott Butler says he immediately became more aware of the homeless youth around him.

Each Cold Nighter who is able to reach the maximum fundraising goal of $15,000, will have brought in enough funding for SAY to provide a year of counseling and other services to a single youth, says Svengros.

Knowing the value of those services was the other main motivating factor for Peter Rumble to join in.