Sebastopol Will Hold Community Meeting Wednesday, March 13th

Mar 12, 2019

SEBASTOPOL, CA - The City of Sebastopol will host a meeting on Wednesday, March 13, to assist those with homes and businesses in Sebastopol who were impacted by last week’s flooding. The meeting, to be held from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Community Church of Sebastopol at 1000 Gravenstein Highway North, will bring together those needing flood recovery assistance with public agencies, nonprofits, and volunteer organizations that can provide information and resources.

The meeting is part of the City’s intensive response to widespread flooding and other impacts of the recent weather event. The goal of the gathering is to provide residents and business owners with access to information and resources that will assist in their rapid recovery.

In addition to City of Sebastopol staff and elected officials, the area has been visited in recent days by numerous government representatives, including Sonoma County Supervisor Linda Hopkins, State Senator Mike McGuire, and Assembly Member Marc Levine, all of whom offered their support to the community. Agencies participating in the March 13 meeting are expected to include the Sebastopol City Council and other City agencies, the County of Sonoma, West County Community Services, and others. The meeting is expected to be broadcast live online at

“We encourage all members of our community to attend this meeting to ensure that everyone receives the information they need to accelerate their recovery from the flood and other weather-related damage,” said Sebastopol Mayor Neysa Hinton. “This is our opportunity to do what Sebastopol does best, and that is to come together and support one another.”

For additional information, visit the City’s website at or use these hashtags on social media: #Sebastopolrecovery, #Sebastopolcares